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 Easy Offset is smart phone application that calculates cut joints, ell centerlines, and overall lengths for offsets of any angle. Just enter the duct dimensions, angle, and offset and the app will do the rest.  


  • it's faster than using a calculator; 
  • there are no multipliers to remember; 
  • you don't have to memorize trigonometric formulas;
  • results are given for any angle;
  • less chance of a mistake; 
  • cut joints can be ordered to the correct length;
  • know if the elbows will work ahead of time; 
  • know the net length of the offset ahead of time; 
  • great for layout and detailing

Round fitting combinations include: 

  • two ells between 0° and 90°;
  • one rolled 90° ell plus one ell between 0° and 90°;
  • tap on a round main with an ell between 0° and 90° to finish the    offset;
  • wye branches with a parallel branch;
  • wye branches with a perpendicular branch;
  • rolling offsets can be calculated for an offset using two ells or an offset using a wye and a 45° angle;
  • arc lengths showing the amount to roll the fittings.

Rectangular fitting combinations include: 

  • two radius ells between 0° and 90°;
  • two ells with straight heel and throat;
  • wyes with a parallel branch using straight or radius ells;
  • wyes with a perpendicular branch using straight or radius ells;

An example showing how to use the program can be found here:

Example 1

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