Example 1


There is a run of pipe 48" in diameter that needs to offset 60" vertically and 33.5" horizontally.   The elbows are 45° with a 48" throat radius.  

Step 1:  enter the pipe dimensions and angle in the textfields.

Step 2: press the "Calc" button to enter information for the rolling offset.

Since the offsets are known, they can be entered in the textfields.  It isn't necessary to fill in all the cells if the offset is already known.  The offsets could also be calculated by entering top and bottom elevations and horizontal dimensions.  For example the higher elevation might be 190" off the floor and the bottom elevation could be 130" for a 60" vertical set.

Step 3: press the "done" button to return to the main screen.

The cut joint should be cut to approximately 37.5" long.  The overall length of the offset is 128.4".  The offset is rolling horizontally and vertically at the same time.  The arc length is the distance along the circumference that the fitting should be rolled from level.  So the ell would be rolled down 25.48" from level.

Diagram for this type of offset:

An elevation view showing how the arc length should be read.

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